1. Edition type: journal.
  2. Edition status:
  3. Publication languages: Ukrainian, English (mixed languages: two languages in one issue).
  4. Scope of distribution:
  5. Categories of readers: scientists, teachers, students, cadets, law enforcement officers and others.
  6. Program objectives (planned sections):
  • organizational and legal principles of the National Police activity;
  • problems of pre-trial investigation;
  • ensuring public safety and order;
  • investigative and detective activity;
  • prevention of criminal and administrative offenses;
  • personnel management of the National Police;
  • psychological support for police activities;
  • legal support of information and technical activity of the police;
  • legal aspects of police provision of administrative and other services to individuals and legal entities;
  • international cooperation of the National Police: exchange of experience.
  1. Publication frequency: twice a
  2. Location of the Editorial Office: 21, Stepan Tilhа Street, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine, 50065.
  3. Type of edition according to the stated purpose: scientific and practical edition.
  4. Documents on state registration of print mass media:

Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine № 4036/5 dated 20.11.2020

Certificate of registration № 24617-14557Р dated 20.11.2020

  1. Registration details (ISSN) of the international serial edition, year of registration:

ISSN 2709-9261, 2020

  1. Basic principles of the edition:
  • objectivity and impartiality;
  • high demands on the quality of scientific research;
  • the policy of “blind” article review;
  • strict observance of copyright and related rights;
  • compliance with professional ethics;
  • strict observance of the journal release schedule;
  • condemnation and prevention of plagiarism;
  • Open Access Policy: all articles are posted indefinitely and free of charge immediately after the release of the issue; full-text real-time access to the scientific articles of the journal is provided to anyone, who is interested, on the official website of the journal in the “Archive” section at the link: https://policeyistika.dnuvs.in.ua/arhiv-nomeriv
  • The journal “Ukrainian Polyceistics: Theory, Legislation, Practice” is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY (CC BY 4.0); this allows to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, cite or link to the full text of the article in this scientific edition.
  1. Policy of the publishing process:
  • evaluation of the research for compliance with the subject of the journal;
  • selection of reviewers;
  • peer review;
  • finalization of article;
  • re-review;
  • approval of the material by the Editorial Board; making a publication fee;
  • prepress preparation;
  • printing work;
  • distribution of printed copies and publication on the journal’s website.